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Limbic Resonance

Limbic Resonance - Photography by Kerstin Ehrnlund 2021

Limbi Resonance

Limbic Resonance - Photography by Kerstin Ehrnlund 2021


New record in the pipeline! Will be released 15 September 2021.

Erik Nordström; saxophone, production, programming, composition

Andreas Fridlund; electric guitar, occasional programming

Kalle Widén; pedal steel guitar

Johan Örtlund; double bass and electric bass 

Johan Hjalmarsson; drums

Peter Holmqvist; electric guitar - occasionally contributing

Erik Ivarsson; electric guitar and lap steel guitar- occasionally contributing


Daniel Bergroth; piano, composition

Erik Nordström; saxophone, live electronics

LIMBIC RESONANCE link to facebook page

New record will be released the fall of 2021! All material recorded!

Erik Nordström; saxophone

Yasuhito Mori; double bass (originally Adam Lindblom)

Henrik Wartel; drums


Erik Nordström; saxophone

Lisen Rylander Löve; saxophone

Johan Örtlund; double bass

Mårten Magnefors; drums (originally Andreas Axelsson)

Linnea Sigurdson; voice, composition

Erik Nordström; saxophone, live electronics, programming, composition

Andreas Fridlund; guitar, programming, composition

Martin Claesson; bass